Medicann assists patients to access local specialist doctors via a streamlined 4-step process. Medicinal Cannabis is an unlicensed medicine and should only be prescribed by specialist doctors in their area of expertise. Not all patients will be eligible for treatment, and suitability will be assessed by our specialist team.

Patients who are eligible for treatment will be enrolled in our research program and will have ongoing monitoring to ensure patient safety.

Book Consultation

Our team will explain the requirements for medicinal cannabis treatment and the potential costs involved. This is your chance to ask any questions. The team will assess your case to see if you may be a suitable candidate, before you see one of our specialists.

See a Specialist

A specialist doctor will assess your condition and determine your suitability for treatment with medical cannabis. Although we welcome referrals from GP’s, specialists and other clinics a referral is not necessary and you can simply book a consultation directly with us. All patients must complete a consent form prior to obtaining a prescription. Initial consultations are in person at one of our clinics or at home if the patient is unable to attend the clinic.

Research Study

If you and your doctor decide that a medical cannabis treatment is suitable for you, a prescription is provided and your GP will be notified. All patients who are prescribed medical cannabis are enrolled on our research program , in order to increase the knowledge base of results. This not only ensures patient safety, and that ongoing treatment is working it also helps make sure prescribing practices are continually improved.


Patients are monitored by the multidisciplinary team at approximately monthly intervals. This can be done online or in person.

About Us

Medicann Clinics provides patients with access to local specialist doctors and pharmacists that have experience prescribing cannabis based medication.


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